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Building Cleaning North West offers multiple services for all of your facility maintenance needs.

With a clean environment your employees can work in a healthy safe environment and you can offer you're clients an aesthetic looking office. Maintaining the cleanliness of your commercial space by relying on the professional cleaning services that BCNW offers. We are a reputable company offering janitorial services in the Seattle Washington area. Our specialists can take care of all your cleaning needs. Call our janitorial team in the Seattle area today to schedule a time for your first cleaning service. BCNW specializes in a variety of commercial cleaning services to the highest quality standards to fit the needs of any Commercial Property.

General Janitorial

Our Cleaning Systems Pay Close Attention to Detail

Having a clean, attractive commercial office is important for your success such as having a safe and healthy work environment for employees. Building Cleaning NW provides a variety of janitorial and office cleaning services for your business that can be daily to cover your needs these include:

  •  Wiping and Sanitizing Surfaces​

  • Sweeping Hard Floor Surfaces

  • Mopping Hard Floor Surface's​

  • Vacuuming Carpeted Area's​

  • Recycling and Garbage, Trash Removal ​​

  • Restroom Sanitizing​

  • Entrance/Lobby​

  • Offices/Workstations​

  • Lunch/Breakroom​

  • Hallways & Public Areas

  • Dusting horizontal & Vertical Areas

Mopping the Floor

Green Cleaning

Expert Service

BCNW cares about our environment, we will clean your commercial space to create a healthy environment for your employees and guests. We'll clean, main offices, lounging area's, office kitchens, appliances, cubicles, desks, tabletops, public, private bathrooms, flooring and general surfaces.

Our staff use's environmentally safe chemicals, to sanitize and keep a clean safe work area for your guests and employees.

Covid-19 & Monkey Pox Cleaning

Protect Your Staff and Clients

Due to the spread of the viruses and uncertancy we offer professional disinfecting services. We sanitize pathogens such as Covid-19, Monkey Pox, HIV, Herpes and much more. We serve through advanced cleaning technology and medical grade disinfectants.  We clean facilities through a Sanitization treatment of Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect process we are offering:

*Electrostatic Spraying


This will include things such as but not limited to sanitizing, all surface areas, walls, floors, ceiling, touch points, such as all handrails, all toilets, and disabled toilets, all phones, all door handles, light switches and front entrances. 


Floor Care

Add Shine and Beauty to your Floor

Likely, the first thing someone see's when entering your facility are your floors, which, depending on how clean or dirty they look, can shape their perceptions of how clean and sanitary the entire building is. Floors that appear dirty, scuffed or dull can convey the impression that the facility’s cleanliness standards are lacking.

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Floor Buffing

  • VCT Floor Strip and Waxing

  • Tile Cleaning

  • Tile Sealing

Window Cleaning

Add Beauty to your Commercial Property

You might not realize it, but your windows are one of the first things people notice when they drive by your commercial property. Having noticeably dirty windows could deter customers or potential buyers; not only that, it also affects the beauty of your property and decreases the amount of natural sunlight entering your facility.

Window Cleaning

Post Construction Clean Up

Always Prepared

We offer a variety of services and programs that can conquer all your post-construction needs. Whether it’s a quick tidying up or a more detailed, thorough deep clean, our cleaning pros have the experience, tools, and processes that will leave your building looking like nothing ever happened.

Services: Services
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